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Today, the world has become very small under the cover called ‘communication’. Of late, technology has improved to such an extent that people can reach each other over several devices phone whenever they want and wherever they desire at minimum costs.

Similarly, methods in audio recording have also taken a sea change. First, it was spool recorders on which our old melodies were recorded. Then came the LPs, Cassettes and Compact Discs and I-pods with Wave, MP3, MP4, MP5 formats. Each type of audio storage device has its own advantages and drawbacks. Today, one can record his or her voice on a computer and modify it, store it, send it to their friends & relatives in Mp3 format wherever they are on the globe.

When we think of this revolutionary change, we can’t help but feel amazed at the way our technology has progressed in every direction. However, old is always gold, and no matter what we do, we may not be able to reproduce the same melody and golden era of music that we saw during the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. As lovers of music, we will always be indebted to our great singers, composers, artists of the film industry, be it Telugu or Hindi for their vast, unparalleled contribution to the melodious world.

Audio storage formats, devices, audio editing software, recording theatres, Scale, tempo, Sruthi, thalam, mikes, amplifiers, acoustics, mike culture, orchestration, instrumentalists, vocalists, music instruments, their availability in Hyderabad, melody of every musical instrument and so many related issues of music can be discussed in this forum/platform.

Please feel free to share your views and experiences in this forum to improve our music related knowledge to enjoy music more and more.

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